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'Clocks' words composed by Julie Feeney(c)

Dear John (c)Julie Feeney Dear John, I wrote this song for you, I want to do right by you, I want to make you shine Dear John, I read between the lines for you, You protected the future you, you had pride. Many of the miracles then were golden, Innocence, precious, wise and golden, Oh! [...]

'Pages' Words

pages Love Is A Tricky Thing Impossibly Beautiful Grace Valentine’s Song One More Tune Myth Mr. Roving Eye Guy Stay Life's Nudge Monster Nothing to Declare Knock Knock 1. Love Is A Tricky Thing (c)Julie Feeney Alas bewildered lover you’ve met love’s most famous friend. Sorrow’s bid you morning and kicks back till the day’s [...]

words on '13 Songs'

13 songs Aching Judas Wind Out Of My Sails Autopilot You Broke The Magic You Bring Me Down Alien Wastin’ Fictitious Richard Too Late 1,000,001 (or “A million and One Things”) Under My Skin Luí 1. Aching (c)Julie Feeney My head is full of of you, so full of you I’m achin’ for you, for [...]

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